Daryl & Ashley's NY Wedding Reception

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Today was the day of my brother & new sister-in-laws NY wedding reception at Thirsty Owl Winery.  They got married on the Carnival Liberty in Miami, FL on October 20th and then we had a NY reception for all the family and friends who were unable to attend the wedding.  The air was crisp and dotted with the occasional snowflake but the view of Cayuga Lake from inside the warm reception room was beautiful.  There was enough food to feed an army and though we all ate well I think we'll be eating leftovers with my parents for at least a week!  
The happy couple
Cake!  The base layer was vanilla with raspberry filling and the top layer was chocolate with raspberry filling - all covered in buttercream frosting and topped with a John Deere tractor.  Wegmans made the cake and it was absolutely amazing! 
They continued the tropical theme with these pretty centerpieces.  David & I are now the proud owners of a new Beta fish whom we've decided to name Scotty III.

My Aunt Jill prepared the fruit and my cousin Justine created this fun edible arrangement for us.  The kids called them "fruit pops".

During the reception the winery was visited by a couple of people in a helicopter.  They came to purchase wine and had hoped to enjoy lunch at the Bistro.  Since the Bistro was closed they asked if they could crash the reception in exchange for giving the bride & groom a ride.  Of course they said yes!  Since Ashley is deathly afraid of flying Daryl asked my dad to go with him.  It was the first time my brother has ever flown.  What an amazing experience!

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