Goodbye Beautiful Nature Walk

10:48 AM Jessica Brigden 0 Comments

Observe many of the wonders of nature in the images in this Nature Walk stamp set: an intriguing collection of delicate bird eggs; mesmerizing butterfly, bee, and bird specimens; and a marvelous piece of flora growing and blooming in gentle meadow. These sketch-like images with their scientific style and vintage look will add a sense of awe and wonder for the very living and breathing works of art that exist all around us in the natural world to the greetings cards you will create.

Nature Walk stamp set:  wm#121925 $30.82 or cm#121997 $22.51

Purchase the Nature Walk stamp set and receive a free 4 page step by step tutorial!  If you already have the stamp set you the tutorial is available for just $2.95

Visit to place your stamp order or send me an e-mail to purchase the tutorial and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. 

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