Stampin' Up! Thailand Travel Documents Have Arrived!

11:01 AM Jessica Brigden 0 Comments

Many many thanks to my customers who have supported me in my Stampin' Up! business. I would not be on this journey without you. You are the reason I earned this trip!! I am so grateful 💕.

 When Stampin' Up! announced in September 2015 that their next incentive trip would be to Thailand I knew had to "just go for it!" There is no way that David & I would have ever gone their on our own. After 12 months of hard work and another 10 months of planning we are so excited to be on our way in just two short weeks.

 Our travel documents have arrived from Stampin' Up! and the packaging is just too cute!
 I have been obsessed with everything Elephants since earning the trip so I am completely in line be with the luggage tags Stampin' Up! sent us.

 And here is a picture of everything all together.

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